The Training Programme


An assessment of the training programme is through written academic assignments, and also the completion of two successful teaching placements. The model below gives you an idea of how the assessment may be broken down. Full details of your assessment requirements will be forwarded to you if you are offered and accept a training place.

Assessment Model

The programme operates under the Postgraduate Regulatory Framework which sets out the full regulations for passing modules, grading of modules, retrieving failed modules, progression from one academic level to the next, requirements for awards, and how the award is classified.

All student teachers are initially registered for the Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). This is a course of 120 credits at Level 6. In December, student teachers may apply to be registered on the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE {M}) where up to 60 M-level credits can be gained from subsequent work. Therefore the PGCE (M) will result in 60 credits at Level 6 and 60 at Level 7.

Examples of Assignment subjects

Assignment 1

Current issues related to Subject Specialism

Assignment 2

Professional Studies: Behaviour for Learning

Assignment 3

Professional Studies: Inclusion