Teacher Taster Days

Never been in a British comprehensive school? Forgotten what the bells sound like? Need a reminder about tutor time?

Our taster days will be held throughout the year and are tailored to the need of the individual.

With a ‘Back to School’ feel, you will be immersed in school life for a full-or half-day session, shadowing a class or a subject area, as the pupils go about their business.

There is no better way to start your teaching career, especially if you only have a short amount of free time available to you during the week.

Who is it aimed at?

  • You may have decided to apply to the Rural Schools Alliance and want to learn more about us
  • You may have secured a place with the Rural Schools Alliance and you want to learn more about the school you have been placed with.

You can request a ‘Teacher Taster Day’ by contacting the Rural Schools Alliance direct or via the government’s ‘Get school experience’ website.