School Experience Weeks

Similar to the ‘Teacher Taster Day’ but on a much larger scale, a ‘School Experience Week’ is about getting to know the school you will be placed in, or the school you would like to apply for a place in, in much more detail.

You will be able to shadow a range of pupils, across different year groups and subject areas, to fully immerse yourself into secondary school life. Meet the team in your chosen subject area and chat to pupils about life at the school and what it is like to be a learner within the Alliance.

You will be assigned a mentor for the duration of your Experience who will ensure that you are able to maximise your learning during this exciting opportunity.

Who is it aimed at?

  • You may have decided to apply to the Rural Schools Alliance and want to learn more about us
  • You may have secured a place with the Rural Schools Alliance and you want to learn more about the school you have been placed with.

You can request a ‘School Experience Week’ by contacting the Rural Schools Alliance direct. If you are unable to commit to a week, but would like more than a day in school, contact us and we will work with you to set up a School Experience programme that works for you.