Our confirmed subject areas for the 2020/21 academic year are as follows:

School Direct (Tuition Fee) Places at the Rural Schools Alliance

  • Secondary Art & Design (UCAS Code: 3BCD)
  • Secondary Biology (UCAS Code: 326P)
  • Secondary Chemistry (UCAS Code: 326N)
  • Secondary Computing (UCAS Code: 3BC6)
  • Secondary Dance (UCAS Code: 3BC4)
  • Secondary Design & Technology (UCAS Code: 3BC2)
  • Secondary Drama (UCAS Code: 3BBY)
  • Secondary English (UCAS Code: 326L)
  • Secondary Geography (UCAS Code: 326Z)
  • Secondary History (UCAS Code: 326Y)
  • Secondary Mathematics (UCAS Code: 326M)
  • Secondary Media Studies (UCAS Code: 3BBR)
  • Secondary Modern Foreign Languages (UCAS Code: 326X)
  • Secondary Music (UCAS Code: 3BBN)
  • Secondary Physical Education (UCAS Code: 3BBG)
  • Secondary Physics (UCAS Code: 326Q)
  • Secondary Religious Education (UCAS Code: 3BBK)