All shortlisted applicants are interviewed prior to the formal offer of a training place with the Rural Schools Alliance. If you are successful in securing an interview, the Alliance will send you specific guidance about the process. Here are some general points about how the process will be conducted.

Interview panels will comprise of senior staff from partnership schools, Lead teachers and/or a Head of Department from your subject specialism and a representative from the University of Winchester.


Preparing for the Interview

Interviews for a placement with the Rural Schools Alliance may include any combination of the following:

  • A tour of the school to meet pupils and staff
  • Small group or whole class teaching
  • A group discussion with an educational focus
  • You will be required to demonstrate competency in Fundamental skills in English and Mathematics
  • A subject-specific verbal presentation
  • A formal individual interview that will include opportunities:
    • to discuss subject-specific issues
    • to explore your reasons for wanting to enter the profession
    • to explore your attitudes to young people
    • to discuss your understanding of what the teaching profession entails